Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why don’t you sell my brand of food?

A: There are two reasons why we may not carry a specific brand of food. For one, we have a set standard for the foods that we bring in to the store. This means that all of the foods we sell must have:

  • no meat byproducts or unspecified meat meals
  • no artificial coloring, additives or preservatives
  • minimal fillers (all of our foods are corn, wheat and soy free)
  • maximum probiotics, vitamins, and minerals

If your favorite food fits these qualifications but is not on our shelves, it is due to our lack of space to carry all of the great pet foods that are made these days. Don’t fret, though! We are happy to special order any food that is available from our distributors at no extra cost. Just send an email to with the name and size of the food you’d like!

Q: Why dont you sell Puppies?

A: The vast majority of animals sold in pet stores come from puppy mills, commercial breeding facilities that put a higher emphasis on profit than on the welfare of the animals. Breeding females are impregnated over and over and left to languish in tiny cages, while their offspring are weaned early and transported long distances in rough conditions to be sold to unwitting consumers. These puppies often have health problems and/or bad genetics that will lead to trouble down the line.

We highly recommend looking to local rescue organizations when you decide to add a furry friend to your family. is a great way to check out the animals in your area that are in need of homes.┬áPlease check out our “Resources” link for more information about the wonderful rescue organizations we have in the WNC area.

Q: What is the deal with the dog park?

A: The dog park behind our store was created as a service to our customers. It is open for free use anytime that the store is open. There are a few rules, which can be found here. We also hold frequent events in the park, details of which can be found here.