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Senior Dog Nutrition

Senior Dog Nutrition

Nutritional Needs of the Senior Dog There are no AAFCO or NRC (National Research Council) guidelines for feeding a senior dog. As a result, the ingredients and guaranteed analysis for “Senior” pet foods varies greatly between manufacturers. Overall, the trends for senior foods include: Reduced calories Reduced protein Decreased phosphorus and sodium Increased fiber Added … Continued

Dog Food Allergy Myths and Facts | Protein Allergies

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Does your dog chew at his tail or feet? Does your cat have a dry, dull coat (or even bald patches) and always seems to be itchy? Are you constantly at the vet for ear infections or digestive issues? Food allergies or insensitivities may be to blame! While grain allergies are the most common seen … Continued

Puppy Nutrition

Proper nutrition is vital for puppies to get a jumpstart at a healthy life and prevent many illnesses and diseases that can be rooted in poor nutrition. When it comes to feeding your new puppy, there are several things you want to pay attention to. First, you want to make sure you are choosing an … Continued

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