Ten Reasons to Add Fresh or Minimially Processed Food to your Pet’s Diet

We’re having some great food deals for the month of August, which makes this an ideal time to try adding some fresh, raw, or minimally processed foods to your pet’s diet! These foods provide a number of excellent benefits, from better digestion to a stronger immune system. While many of them are marketed towards dogs, cats can also take advantage of the health benefits, especially in the case of milks and broths. Below, we highlight ten reasons as to why supplementing with fresh foods can help improve your pet’s overall wellbeing.¹


10. No artificial preservatives/colors/flavors


9. Enzymes remain active, aiding in digestion and bettering digestive health


8. Nutrients remain intact, and are more bioavailable and easier to absorb than synthetic vitamins²


7. Fresh ingredients are easier to digest – great for sensitive pets!


6. Many fresh foods are moisture rich (hydration is good for everyone!)


5. May reduce the risk of cancer³


4. Rich in antioxidants


3. Can be good for neurological and immune health in older pets


2. Variety is the spice of a pet’s life too! (Plus every food has its own benefits)


1. Fresh Foods are Yummy! Your pet will love you for it and the bond between you will be strengthened.


Interested in learning more? Stop by any of our three locations, and we would love to help you choose the best option for your pet! We carry milks and broths from Answers, Primal, and Open Farm, minimally processed foods from The Honest Kitchen and SmallBatch, and a multitude of raw options from companies like Steve’s Real Food and Stella & Chewy’s. Worried your pet won’t like something? Many of these brands are guaranteed!



New to our stores: Green Juju, a fresh whole foods supplement!

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