Our Favorite Eco Friendly Brands

We here at Patton Avenue Pet Company love the planet as much as we love our pets. We want to do what’s best for them, while keeping in mind our responsibility to sustainability! As such, this month we are focusing on some of our favorite eco-friendly brands, in honor of both our beautiful Appalachian springtime and Earth Day! See below for some of the highlights.


West Paw

  • West Paw has been B Corp certified for almost a decade!
  • One of our favorite things about this brand is their “Join the loop” recycling program – we send back old Zogoflex toys to be recycled into new ones! 
  • Their new Seaflex line is made from recycled ocean bound plastic, and stuffing in beds and plush toys are made from recycled plastic bottles.


Steve’s Real Food

  • Steve’s ingredients are sourced as local as possible, with emphasis on farms that practice humane or sustainable methods. Their Oregon-based factory also uses hydroelectric power! 
  • The company’s packaging is made from either plant based material or 100% post-consumer waste. They have plans to completely transition to biodegradable materials. Recent changes include the elimination of paper between patties in order to further lower their environmental footprint. 


Spunky Pup

  • Spunky Pup’s Clean Earth collection is made from recycled plastic bottles – and 100% recyclable themselves! 
  • Their cotton-based toys are made from 100% organic cotton.


Open Farm

  • Open Farm has some of the highest ethical standards on the market: all meat is Certified Humane, GAP rated, and meets Oceanwise standards!
  • Certified Humane and GAP standards ensure the humane treatment and better environment for livestock. Oceanwise seeks to prevent overfishing and damage to the marine environment through strict sustainability standards.
  • The Terracycle program takes back old empty Open Farm bags, and keeps the packaging out of landfills! You can also drop off old bags at any of our three locations and we’ll mail them back for you. 



  • Weruva’s new We Ru Cycle is their own recycling program! Currently only Weruva branded pouches – like those from the Slide N’ Serve line – are accepted. Check out their website for more details.


Cycle Dog

  • Cycle Dog’s collars and leashes are made from bicycle inner tubes – which usually end up in landfills!
  • The stuffing inside their toys are made from recycled plastic bottles. 
  • They also believe in repairing items instead of replacing them – and so they offer repairs at no charge for the useful life of the product. 


Earth Animal

  • Earth Animal seeks to advocate for all animals and the land they live on, not just the ones they make products for. They thoughtfully source from farms with high animal welfare standards and GAP-rated poultry, strive to reduce the company’s carbon footprint, and donate 1% of their net sales towards organization focused on stewardship of the planet. 


Sustainably Yours



  • Wizsmart pee pads are unique: made from repurposed, unused diapers that did not pass quality control and would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. 
  • They also use sustainable eucalyptus fiber in their products, and uses bioplastic made from sugar cane to lessen their dependence on fossil fuels. 


While these are just a few of our favorite brands, we carry many more with eco-friendly practices and values. Stop by any of our three locations to check out the selection!


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